Top Quality Industrial Packaging Solutions For You Logistics play a very important role in our day to day life. Sending goods from one place to another over long distances safely and securely is a priority for any enterprise. With the advent of online retail stores all over the world, millions of items are parceled from place to another, sometimes over thousands of miles without damaging the contents. Behind this smooth operation, there is the sweat and effort of thousands of workers. These trained personnel have to pack different articles in a variety of packages and ship them to their desired destinations. For this large scale of operations, companies like Amazon, eBay and others depend on industrial packaging solutions. Now packaging is not as simple as putting a wrapper around an article and then stamping an address on it for shipping. It involves a lot of steps like packaging, warehousing, transporting and other allied logistical processes that all come together to ship the product securely from one place to another. The major steps involved in packaging are as follows: 1) Packaging: This is the first step in this whole process. Different items are packaged differently. Highly fragile items like glass articles are packaged with a lot of thermocol and sponges to make sure they are not damaged on their journey. Agri- products on the other hand are mainly packaged in wooden boxes with a lot of straws to keep the products safe. Other items like cement are simply packed in synthetic bags. To secure the package made up of cardboard boxes, packers use better pack tape dispenser to wrap duct tapes around the package. For wooden boxes, one can make use of iron nails and for cement bags just sewing the bags is enough. 2) Labeling: This involves putting the Packers and Movers Ludhiana shipping address on the package. You can do it manually or even use a machine for this purpose. This is an important aspect for identification of the package. 3) Transportation: It depends upon the material that is to be transported. If it is a perishable item like flower, meat or any other food material, then it is preferable to use an airplane, truck or train with cold storage facilities for transportation. For other items, any other mode of transport can be used like a ship, train or trucks. 4) Storage: This is the last step in this long chain before the Packers and Movers Ahmedabad goods are distributed. Companies like Amazon use big warehouses that are fully air-conditioned to keep all their items safe. Others can use secure facilities to keep their product safe from pilfering.